Blaine & Maryanne Cucia

Blaine & Maryanne Cucia

Blaine & Maryanne 

Its always that little bit more special when you get to be part of so many milestones in a couples life and for Maryanne and Blaine it was exactly that.

From birthday celebrations that were Super Fresh, Green and Lush to Elegant and Classic for their engagement

Kitchen tea florals that represented femininity, with a little bit of quirkiness.

Then to go on and have the absolute pleasure in being part of their wedding which was a Flower Artist DREAM to say the least.

With coffee on tap literally and what felt like hours and hours of work ahead and knowing what we were about to create was such an overwhelming feeling. We remembered thinking "we can't wait till we have finished and show everyone what we see”( while staring at 200 buckets of fresh blooms and foliage.)

Being able to know what suits a couple flower wise is a thing we feel and sometimes we get so excited and just say "TRUST US and let US DO OUR THING" and with Maryanne & Blaine trust they did.

The sleepless nights and counting the hours until we could start, the million and one phone calls to markets (and blooms that have flown in from around the world)  thousands of rose thorns stuck in our hands to the over flow of flowers and buckets in and out of cool rooms, carting flowers to and from and praying they DID NOT FALL, to our water logged vehicles was so so worth it once we took a step back and walked into the reception, with flowers everywhere and a whopper of a 5 Mtr ceiling installation still hanging "we looked at one another and thought "WOW" we did this just the two of us WTF!!

We would have to say it was defiantly a high for us being able to finish off 2018 with a wedding like this. 

So here it is a few of out fav snaps from the very beginning.